Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Bought $375 Million Worth of BTC in 11 Days

In a matter of two weeks, one of the largest BTC whales has accumulated more than 6,600 coins as the price of the asset has declined by more than 10% in the same timeframe.

CryptoPotato frequently reports the sales and purchases of this particular whale, which tends to sell when the asset’s price has appreciated significantly in a short period of time and vice-versa.
In the past several weeks, though, they have been focused on accumulating only, as CryptoQuant’s analyst VentureFounder informed.
Starting from November 12th, the entity has made eight consecutive purchases as bitcoin’s price was declining. The first one, for 1,123 BTC, came at just over $64,000, while the last one – from yesterday, was at a price tag of $57,400 and was for 616 BTC.
In total, the whale has accumulated 6,665 coins in less than two weeks. From a USD perspective, this amount is roughly $375 million in today’s prices.
According to VentureFounder, this whale now has their highest wallet balance in four months when they were accumulating at prices around $30,000.

8 straight (business) days of buying:

The 3rd largest #Bitcoin whale wallet added 616 more #BTC today at $57.4k for a total of $35.3M USD.

The #whale bought 6,665 BTC in under 1.5 weeks. This has been the highest wallet balance since July 2021 (the low $30k accumulation period)

— venturefoundΞr (@venturefounder) November 24, 2021

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