ETH miner motherboard new support 6 graphics card instead TB85 TB250 motherboard suitable for ETH miner RX470 RX480 RX570 RX580.


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Product Description

1.Applicable object: RX470 RX480 RX570 RX580

2.CPU type: Intel

3.Intel CPU interface: LGA1150

LGA1150 chipset: h81

5.motherboard structure: ATX

.support display output:

7.Display interface: VGA + DVI + HDMI

Multi-graphics support: SLI

9.Memory type: DDR3

Memory channel: dual channel

11.Maximum memory capacity: 16G

Shipping list

1. ETH miner motherboard support 6 graphics card ( New ) X 1PC

NOT: NO Include battery and cpu

Product Displaying

About free shipping

1.we will pay the ship fee for parcel to your country but not include customs and tax. thats buyer‘s duty

2.normal fast ship we choice DHL to ship your parcel but if your city no DHL service or so far ,we will change other ship company auto. i hope you can understand.

3.if you dont want to the DHL ship to you,you also can change other ship way but some ship way need extra pay

Customs duty

1.Any duty to be paid will be the responsibility of the buyer

Help for customs

1.we normal will invoice low value than real price so you can save some money and also declare other name for miner . also can tell me you need write whats name and how much invoice for your order. if not leave message or contact us, we will invoice low price for your order


1. my friend you need know the miner is normal working in 24 hours one day and never stop, so its warranty date is shorter than other product

2. new miner 180 days warranty is provided starting from the shipping date by Innosilicon in accordance with their terms and conditions

3.Miner sales is different from the general consumer electronics products, which are specially customized according to customer needs.

4.used miner we just give 90 days for warranty because used machine is easy be bad than new

Please notice before purchase. The after-sales service policy is as follows. After payment,we do not accept the cancellation.

Additional information

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Model Number

ETH miner motherboard for 6 graphics


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